Frequently Asked Questions

Animal Control

I live in an incorporated town.  Who do I contact for animal control/care issues?

Incorporated towns such as Clifford, Edinburgh, Elizabethtown, Hartsville, and Jonesville, have Town Marshalls or use their police officers. The Town Marshalls or police officers should be contacted first with any animal related issues. The incorporated town of Hope and the City of Columbus have their own Animal Control officers.


Do I have to have my dog or cat vaccinated against Rabies?

IC35-46-3-1 harboring a non-immunized dog- Sec. 1. A person who knowingly or intentionally harbors a dog that is over the age of six (6) months and not immunized against rabies commits harboring a non-immunized dog, a Class C infraction. However, the offense is a Class B misdemeanor if the dog causes bodily injury by biting a person.



I feel something is not correct about my property assessment, what can I do?

Come into the Assessor's office and get a copy of your property record card.  We can go over the card with you and if there are any errors, we can make the appropriate changes that are necessary.



Is there a property tax deduction for home owners? 

A homeowner or an individual over the age of sixty-five is eligible for certain deductions in the assessed value of his or her real property based on meeting the qualifications found in the Indiana Code.

Is there a deduction for someone 65 or older?
There is an age based deduction.  This deduction can be viewed in the deduction folder of our form center.

Is there a homestead standard deduction?

There is an homestead deduction.  This deduction can be viewed in the deduction folder of our form center.


Is there a mortgage deduction?
There is an mortgage based deduction.  This deduction can be viewed in the deduction folder of our form center.



How do I apply for a marriage license?

A marraige license application can be filled out in the Clerk's office and costs $18.00 for Indiana residents or $60.00 for out of state residents.  You will need a driver's license or some form of identification.


How do I apply for a passport?
Effective January 31, 2013 the Bartholomew County Clerk's Office will no longer process applications.  All passports submissions may be presented to the Columbus Post Office for processing.


Where do I register to vote?
In the voter's registration office on the first floor of the courthouse, the first door across from the security station.


Court Services

How can I find out if I have a warrant out for my arrest?

Go to the Sheriff's department with a picture ID.

Where are Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous meetings held?

Call Alcoholics Anonymous at 1-800-232-7412 or 523-3771 (Seymour, Indiana).

Where do you refer individuals for substance abuse treatment?

Centerstone (812) 379-2341



Why hasn't my trash been picked up?…Why hasn't my street been fixed, snow plowed, overlaid, etc.?…Can County Highway put up a street light?…Can County Highway fix a drainage problem in our subdivision?

For problems related to City Services, call the City Garage at (812) 376-2508 or the City Engineer at (812) 376-2540

For problems related to the State Highway (SR9, 11, or 46), US Highway (US31), or Interstate (I-65), call the State Garage at (812) 372-7837


Can you fix my drainage problem?

The county engineer is responsible for the overall drainage review for new subdivisions. The county surveyor, through the drainage board, is responsible for "legal drains" that are within Bartholomew County. 

County Surveyor and Drainage Board can be reached at (812) 379-1525



Where can I find a birth or death certificate?

These items can be obtained from the Bartholomew County Health Department.

Where can I find state tax liens and Judgements?

State tax liens are found in the Bartholomew County Clerk's Office. The Recorder's Office only has information on federal tax liens.

Where can I purchase copies of our land records?

Under our "Links" section you can find a link to the US Land Records website.  Copies may be purchased through them.



Can I find my property corners myself, and if so, how?

If documentation has been set, a metal detector can help locate the metal pins at property corners. Depending on the accuracy needed on the property line, a private surveyor may need to verify the monument location.

Does your office have a copy of a survey done for my property?

Deed and Plats are available in the County Recorder's Office.




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