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Here are some exercises that are avliable to download that you may work through at your leisure that will help you become more comfortable with the new eGIS V4.0.   If you need assistance with any of the tools or functionality on the site, use the help  or feedback buttons provided on the site.   You may also contact Denise Stuckey with 39 Degrees North.


eGIS V4 Exercies

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egis V4 Logo

eGIS Version 4.0 rolled out Monday, June 17, 2013.   This new version re-organizes the tools, while maximizing the map area and giving the user control over how layers are displayed on the map and what data is displayed in the results..    To take advantage of the ability to customize the GIS, users must set up an account (at no cost) by registering.  Users always have the option to enter the GIS as a guest without registering.

Note: For best compatibility please follow the recommended settings.

-eGIS works best when using Google Chrome or Mozilla.
-If you are using IE (Internet Explorer), toggle the Compatibility View under the Tools Menu.
-If your receiving the following message in IE, go to the Tools Menu item and toggle the Compatibility View again.

-Please clear you cache -

New GIS Layers

Cooperation between County and City Departments has resulted in 2 new layers being added to the County/City eGIS website (    One new layer is the ColumBUS Transit Routes.  This layer shows the 4 existing routes of the ColumBUS Transit System and was compiled by the Columbus Area MPO.   The other layer added is Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities.   This layer shows the location of not only the Peoples Trail, but also Bicycle Lanes and Routes.  Also shown as dotted lines are proposed new routes for bicycles and pedestrians. The City of Columbus – Bartholomew County Planning Department is the source for this layer.   Revisions to these two additional layers can now be made efficiently and can now be quickly available to the public.

Bartholomew County Surveyor would like to welcome all to the Bartholomew County website and the Surveying Department.  As part of our community outreach initiative, below are some fun surveying facts about Bartholomew County.  Enjoy!


Square Miles 402
Acres 257,280
Centroid (SE¼ Sec. 13, T9N, R5E) Donner Park
North/South Distance in Miles 21
East/West Distance in Miles 21
Highest Elevation in Feet (Taylor Hill) 1018
Lowest Elevation in Feet (White River at Co. Line) 563
Number of Original U.S. Govt Section Corners 1355
Number of Section Corners Perpetuated 3289
Lineal Miles of County Regulated Drains 105
Number of Mapped Parcels (Tax Lots) In Auditor’s Plat Books 34,331
Number of Maps in Auditor’s Plat Books 1197
Number of Known Cemetery Locations
(including sites that have been moved)

Surveyor Calendar

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