Highway Department

2452 State Street • Columbus, IN 47201
Phone 812-379-1660 • Fax 812-378-9480
Office Hours: Mon - Fri, 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM



The Highway Department is organized under the County Engineer who is appointed by the Board of Commissioners.  IC 8-23-4-3 states that the county arterial highway system shall be selected by the county executive (board of commissioners).  Our county road system consists of approximately 700 miles of road and side ditches, 203 bridges (each being 20' or more in length), 400 major culverts (each being 5' to 20' in length), numerous culverts less than 5 feet in length, and thousands of traffic signs.

The primary duties and responsibilities of the highway department are to:

  • Prepare and administer the annual budget for highway related activities (Approximately $3.5 million)
  • Inspect and maintain inventories of the county arterial highway system, county fleet of vehicles, and equipment
  • Perform or coordinate preparation of design surveys, construction plans and specifications, acquisition of land, and construction inspection of county construction projects
  • Issue permits and inspect utility work within the county road right-of-way to ensure compliance with the road cut ordinance
  • Issue approvals and inspect construction of driveways intersecting county road to ensure compliance with the county driveway ordinance
  • Review subdivision requests to ensure compliance with the county subdivision control ordinance for items related to traffic and drainage
  • Manage and schedule construction for maintenance and repair activities performed by the county highway crews such as road overlay and chip sealing, road reconstruction, bridge and road reconstruction, bridge and culvert repair and replacement, snow removal, mowing, ditching, tree removal, spraying, and equipment repair


Mission Statement

To efficiently manage, maintain and construct, when necessary, the Bartholomew County road system in an effort to provide the citizens safe, convenient, and efficient movement of traffic.



Engineer - Danny Hollander, PE

Superintendent - Dwight Smith

Assistant Superintendent - Jeff Whittington

Technical Supervisor - Stacey Gross

Office Manager - Karen Stoner

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