Bartholomew County Sheriff Matthew Myers (left) and Captain Dave Steinkoenig (right)  look through some of almost 100 pounds of prescription drugs turned over to the Sheriff for disposal. (BCSO Photo)

BARTHOLOMEW COUNTY INDIANA -- The Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office advocates the responsible use of prescription drugs by people who need them and will aggressively work to pursue those involved in criminal activity. Residents wanting to dispose of outdated and/or unused prescription drugs may do so by dropping them off at the Bartholomew County Sheriff’s Office front desk between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Sheriff Matt Myers and Capt. Dave Steinkoenig are shown in a photo with approximately 100-pounds of prescription drugs collected by the Sheriff’s Office during 2014. “Having these drugs dropped at the Sheriff’s Office prevents drug-related crime and also keeps these drugs off the street. The safe disposal of narcotic drugs is a simple and effective way to reduce drug abuse among teens and others”, said Sheriff Myers.

House burglaries and theft are common sources for illicit prescription drugs. Often, the first thing a house burglar will look for is prescription drugs. Burglars know they are there and that they will provide their own drug high or can be sold for their drug of choice. The outlet for these drugs is often in our schools and our workplaces. Young people are often introduced to street drugs through the gateway of prescription drugs.

Accidental ingestion of drugs by children is always a concern of parents. The management and security of prescription drugs should not be made more difficult by having a stockpile of old prescription drugs in your home. The Sheriff Office collects pills only - no hypodermic needles, liquids and/ or aerosols. Another known collection location is the Edinburgh Police Department.


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